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The theatre pedagogy at Schaubude Berlin wants to give children, young people and adults the opportunity to interact with the theatre – whether as spectators, participants in workshops or projects, in discussions or collaborations. We invite you to …

The theatre pedagogy at Schaubude Berlin wants to give children, young people and adults the opportunity to interact with the theatre – whether as spectators, participants in workshops or projects, in discussions or collaborations. We invite you to take an up close and personal look at our theatre and at puppet, figure and object theatre as an art form.

Workshop in the frame of the international literature festival berlin ilb, photo: Schaubude Berlin, 2020

Our programme is shaped by the different playing styles, aesthetics and artistic attitudes of the visiting artists. At the interface between audience and institution, between art and mediation, we offer space to new artistic forms and ideas in our pedagogical theatre practice, experiment and explore different possibilities of expression by playing with objects and materials, and thus strive to create a safe space for play, thought and experience for all those involved.

Summer workshop “Water Walk - Experiments With Water”, photo: Schaubude Berlin, 2020

In order to strengthen the focus on theatre pedagogy in educational institutions, we work together with different partners and specialist facilities.

We would be happy to advise you on the current Schaubude schedule.

If you visit a performance with a group of schoolchildren, students, colleagues or other interested parties, there is also the option of arranging a production workshop, a moderated audience discussion or other forms of meeting with the artists.

For selected productions / co-productions, we offer theatre pedagogy material on request.

Through movement and the creative use of materials and objects, audio-visual media and text, we try to approach the production in a playful way in order to give children the space for their own positions, visions and ideas and to promote individual modes of expression.

Our pedagogical theatre material supports you in your own preparation and follow-up work in class for selected productions. It can be ordered via

Advice on the selection of suitable productions in the current programme with regard to play and lesson content, relevant topics of day-care and school days and artistic means of expression in puppet and object theatre.

For budding educators, an expert day is offered once every six months to accompany a selected children's production. After a performance, the students enter into a creative exchange with the theatre educators of the Schaubude with artistic input and technical discussions throughout the staging.

The last expert day on "Electric Shadows" by florschütz&döhnert took place in February 2020. The next is expected to take place in 24 of November 2020. Please register by 20 november.

How do young viewers perceive theatre? How do they behave in the auditorium? How can you exchange aesthetic experiences with children? We would like to invite prospective educators and teachers to attend a morning performance as observers in order to sharpen their focus on individuality and age-specific perspectives and behaviour and to exchange ideas with regard to their own future professional practice.

Duration: 2 hours

Using artistic means of expression in puppet, figure and object theatre, we would like to offer concrete access to movement, material and objects as well as artistic or musical approaches in practical theatre training courses that are useful for conveying educational content when integrated into day-care and school days.

Shadow theatre workshop
based on a literary template or your own story

Material theatre workshop
with selected materials and creative techniques on a story or a topic of your choice

Workshop with objects
Using perception and movement exercises, we experiment with objects and everyday things and give them space for their own stories.

For groups of 10 people or more
Location: SCHAUBUDE BERLIN (preferred) or at your facility
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: on request

Theaterspielen für Kinder von 8-12 Jahren

Dienstag, 16.00-17.30 Uhr. Der neue Starttermin wird noch bekanntgegeben!

Wir untersuchen ungewöhnliche Fundstücke und Objekte, experimentieren mit Schatten, lauschen den Dingen ihre Geschichten ab, werkeln, zeichnen und formen und lassen ein neues Etwas entstehen. Gefragt sind Eure Ideen. Wir geben dem Zufall und spontanen Entdeckungen eine Chance.

Projektleitung: Susann Tamoszus

Kosten: 30,00 € für 10 Termine / Probestunde kostenlos

Anmeldung unter:

Our theatre education projects are based on the programme and take place in exchange with the participating artists.

Raumteiler (Room Devider)

Kreative Versuche, sich (Sprach)Raum zu erobern Februar 2020
Raumteiler, Foto: Schaubude Berlin
Raumteiler, Foto: Schaubude Berlin
Raumteiler, Foto: Schaubude Berlin

Storytelling with the body / adding rhythm to language / developing a sign language / dancing a message / sticking a question in the room / letting objects speak for themselves / setting images to music...

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Photo: Susann Tamoszus, 2019
Photo: Susann Tamoszus, 2019
Photo: Susann Tamoszus, 2019

Schaubude Berlin und Kita Immanuel, Prenzlauer Berg im 1. Partnerschaftsjahr 2019/20

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TUKI Tandem

Foto:@Franziska Hauser

TUKI – Theater & Kita initiiert und gestaltet seit 2011 berlinweit Partnerschaften zwischen Theatern und Kitas, bei denen die Begegnung der Allerjüngsten mit der Darstellenden Kunst im Mittelpunkt steht. Die Schaubude Berlin ist seit 2011 …

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Inszenierungsbild ¡ver-rückt!, Foto: Jara López Ballonga
Foto: Jara López
Foto: Jara López

TUKI Bühne - ein Konzept für das professionelle Kindertheater
. Aus Theater MIT Kindern entsteht Theater FÜR Kinder. "TUKI Bühne stellt den Produktionsprozess von Kindertheater als eine gemeinschaftliche Arbeit zwischen Kita-Kindern und …

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Foto: Susann Tamoszus
Foto: Susann Tamoszus

Seit 2007 bieten wir einen jährlichen Workshop zum internationalen literaturfestival berlin (ilb) in der Sparte Kinder- und Jugendliteratur an. Eine Gemeinschaftsproduktion von Kindern einer Berliner Grundschule, Puppenspieler innen und einer …

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Theatres are expected to have to close down again from November 2nd. The concrete implementation of yesterday's decisions for Berlin is still pending. THEATER DER DINGE 2020: ARTIFICIAL BODIES , our festival for contemporary figure and object …
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In May 2020, Schaubude Berlin, Westflügel Leipzig und FITZ Theater animierter Formen have founded the "Alliance of International Production Centres for Figure Theatre". Joining forces aims at creating a network for artistic collaboration, bundling …
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