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what remains Or searching for things that never existed

What can grow in the place where something was erased? Can black holes have colours? What does "nothingness" look like? What is the difference between completely full and completely empty? What remains when everything is gone?

Inspired by instructional art, what remains is a game with the audience. Within four months, with the help of the audience, two images on the windows of Schaubude Berlin will change: one will become smaller and one larger. We will find out what remains at the end of the year.

alpha kartsaki & Stefano Trambusti are two people who like to try stuff with different materials. Here is now of their experiments.

Special thanks to Werner Wallner

Our blog provides background information on productions in our programme, on the annual international festival Theater der Dinge , on artistic research processes and discourses in the world of figure and object theatre.
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Here is a PDF download of the statement by the children's and youth theatres addressed to Berlin's politicians, of which we are signatories. It describes what is needed so that the city's children's and youth theatres can continue to operate in …
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