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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Schaubude Berlin

§ 1 Scope of application
These general terms and conditions regulate the legal relationships between theatregoers on the one hand and Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH / Schaubude Berlin on the other. They are part of the contract that comes about through the purchase of admission tickets and apply in the version available at the time the contract was concluded. Visitors can download or print the text on their computer. We do not accept any regulations deviating from these conditions unless we have expressly agreed to their validity in writing.

These conditions also apply for members of visitor organizations whose members receive special tariffs (e.g. Kulturvolk / Freie Volksbühne Berlin e.V.), unless otherwise agreed.

§ 2 Purchase contract
(1) The ticket purchase represents a purchase contract between Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH / Schaubude Berlin and the purchaser. The mutual obligations result from these conditions. In addition, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies insofar as this is permissible.

(2) The contract is concluded with the purchase of one or more tickets. The admission price is due and payable immediately. For admission tickets purchased through Reservix, the General Terms and Conditions and payment methods of Reservix GmbH also apply.

(3) The contractual partner is Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH / Schaubude Berlin.

(4) The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

(5) The purchaser has to check the correctness of the tickets and the change immediately upon purchase or the order in the Schaubude Berlin online shop at Subsequent complaints are excluded.

(6) Ticket orders via the Schaubude Berlin online shop (print-at-home) are made immediately and will be sent to the purchaser via email within a few hours of the completion of the ordering process. If the customer does not receive an order confirmation within 3 working days, there may be a technical error. The customer is requested to inform the Schaubude Berlin immediately.

§ 3 Entrance fee
An entrance fee is charged for attending performances in the Schaubude Berlin. The artistic management of the Schaubude Berlin determines the admission prices; the applicable admission prices will be communicated in the theatre programme of the Schaubude Berlin. Prices are inclusive of statutory value-added tax. When purchasing through the Schaubude Berlin online shop or at advance booking offices, advance booking and system fees may apply.

§ 4 Exemption from fees and discounts
(1) Schaubude Berlin grants schoolchildren, students, trainees, federal voluntary service providers, pensioners, severely disabled people, holders of the Berechtigungsnachweis and job seekers upon presentation of the relevant ID or proof at the box office or when buying online tickets from Admission a discount. People with disabilities who are dependent on an escort (marked with a "B" in the severe disability ID card) will each receive a discounted ticket for themselves and their companions. This also applies to reserved tickets and advance sales.

(2) Holders of the Berechtigungsnachweis will be granted a separate discount by the Schaubude Berlin on remaining tickets at the box office upon presentation of the relevant ID. This does not apply to reserved tickets that are picked up at the box office.

(3) For each performance, a contingent of ten tickets is available for a reduced fee (reduced tickets). The artistic management has exceptions to this rule. Members of professional theatres and theatre groups as well as members of the UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette) and the respective national associations for the free performing arts can receive a reduced ticket upon presentation of appropriate proof of all performances depending on the utilization of this quota. The card must be requested in advance via the Schaubude Berlin card reservation or by email. It is not possible to purchase reduced tickets through the Schaubude Berlin online shop or through advance booking offices. Reduced tickets or the entitlement to them are not transferable.

(4) Students of the Ernst Busch University of Dramatic Arts, Contemporary Puppetry Department, can present a student tax card for all performances upon presentation of their student ID. This quota is not limited. Student tax cards can only be purchased at the theatre box office of the Schaubude Berlin.

(5) A reduced fee is charged for groups of ten or more people in the evening program and for groups from educational institutions of ten or more people in the children's program who do not take part in any additional discount procedure. Two groups of supervisors are exempt from paying a fee for groups of children. The artistic director has exceptions. Group tickets can only be purchased at the box office of the Schaubude Berlin.

(6) The group discount vouchers of the JugendKulturService and school theatres are only taken into account at the box office. The provisions of the Youth Culture Service and the School Theatres apply.

(7) Infants up to sixth months are exempt from the obligation to pay.

(8) Visitors can take part in the six-card bonus program. For each ticket purchased (normal adult prices or reduced) for an evening performance, you will receive one stamp (only one stamp per card holder per performance). If five stamps are presented on a card, the corresponding visitor will receive a free ticket for an evening performance of their choice, if available.

§ 5 Ticket Returns
The cancellation or withdrawal from the purchase of event tickets is excluded. You have no right of cancellation for ticket purchases in accordance with § 312 b BGB (German Civil Code). The purchase of event tickets is binding.

Please send questions about your order in writing by post or email to the following address: Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH / Schaubude Berlin, Greifswalder Strasse 81-84, 10405 Berlin, email: ticket[at]

§ 6 Performance cancellation and change
Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH / Schaubude Berlin is entitled to cancel or change events at any time for important reasons, such as acts of God, strikes or illness. In this case, purchased tickets can be returned against reimbursement of the ticket price. Please return the ticket within 14 days. The purchaser is not entitled to claims for damages.

§ 7 Electronic ticket sales
The general terms and conditions of the provider Reservix GmbH apply to the purchase of tickets via the online shop and the connected ticket agencies.

§ 8 Ticket reservations
Reserved tickets must be collected from the theatre box office by the date specified when making the reservation. After this period, the reservation expires.

§ 9 Vouchers
Vouchers for theatre tickets can be purchased for a sum of your choice from the theatregoers. The vouchers can only be redeemed when buying tickets at the theatre box office of the Schaubude Berlin. Their validity is not limited. Vouchers cannot be returned for cash.

§ 10 Admission
Admission to the foyer is made possible for theatregoers 60 minutes before the performance begins. In the event of late arrival or no-show at the beginning of the performance, there is no entitlement to reimbursement for unused admission tickets. Replacements are excluded. There is no right to be admitted late. The instructions of the evening staff must be followed.

§ 11 Domiciliary rights
(1) The artistic management exercises domiciliary rights in the venues of the Schaubude Berlin. Furthermore, evening staff and other authorized persons are also entitled to exercise these rights.

(2) Visitors can be denied access if there are reasonable grounds to believe that they will significantly disrupt the performance or bother other visitors or if they have violated these General Terms and Conditions in a significant manner.

(3) People who hinder orderly ticket sales or annoy visitors can be expelled from the house. Visitors can be removed from an ongoing performance if they disturb it, annoy other people or violate these general terms and conditions.

(4) Mobile phones and other devices with acoustic signals must be switched off during the performance. As a rule, beverages and food may not be taken into the performance hall.

(5) Smoking is prohibited in the entire theatre building.

(6) Photo, film, video, and sound recordings of any kind are not permitted during the performance. Violations are punishable under copyright laws.

§ 12 Entry into force
These general terms and conditions come into effect on August 13, 2019. At that same time, the general terms and conditions from July 1st, 2018 are overridden.

§ 13 Applicable Law
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.

Information according to § 36 VSBG:
We agree to participate in alternative dispute settlement. The dispute settlement body responsible for us is the general consumer arbitration board of the Zentrums für Schlichtung e.V. with its registered office at Strassburger Strasse 8 in 77694 Kehl am Rhein.

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