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Residenz Das kalte Herz – (k)ein Märchen

flausen+ residency at Schaubude Berlin

Based on Wilhelm Hauff's fairy tale "The Cold Heart", which, written at the beginning of industrialization, critically focuses on the violent effects of the same, we, the ensemble rubarb dance & art, would like to deal with the context of the fairy tale during the work residency at the Schaubude Berlin.

We are primarily concerned with the following questions: What global implications do the developments described in the fairy tale have for the present day and the future? How do we treat ourselves and our environment, how did the generations before us do it? Why do we wear blinkers instead of facing the uncomfortable truth, remain paralyzed instead of acting and take refuge in the comfort of repression? How can we muster the courage and strength to break new ground?

We would like to explore the historical background of the fairy tale, collect ideas and try out how we can penetrate the fairy tale material in an abstract narrative form using dance, drawing, puppet theater and live music. In the theater space, we would like to test how we can use what we have found to interweave our art forms more strongly and allow them to interact with each other, and how we can deepen and expand our forms of expression. In the long term, the research residency could lead to a figure dance theater performance with live music for a young and adult audience.

Henning Gunther
Ruben Reniers
Henning Gunther
Barbara Steinitz
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