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Eagle Wu

Over the last few years, a great deal of research has been conducted in the field of puppet, figure and object theater. The artists that Schaubude Berlin accompanies in the realization of their projects engage with a fascinating number of aesthetic …

Over the last few years, a great deal of research has been conducted in the field of puppet, figure and object theater. The artists that Schaubude Berlin accompanies in the realization of their projects engage with a fascinating number of aesthetic and thematic questions, work with marionette strings, light or charcoal, design clothing for objects, concern themselves with the poetic potential of artificial intelligence, queer landscapes made out of paper or virtual avatars with non-human bodies.

The evening invites you to discover the abundance of research results behind all of the doors in and all of the spaces of Schaubude Berlin. The stage will become a salon and offer space for exchanges during dinner, drinks and scenic or film presentations and installations will invite audiences into special worlds of experience in the back rooms of the theater.


Schedule of Programming (Starting Times Provided on Location)

aipex vision – das KI-Orakel (aipex vision - the AI Oracle)
A one-to-one performance by Max Howitz
Max Howitz has conducted research into artificial intelligence. The epiphany entered into his life. In an esoteric haze, he is now sitting here and offering himself to the audience members as the interlocutor of the oracle. This oracle has its finger on the pulse of time and precisely predicts everything in advance. AI does not make mistakes. It is far superior to human beings. All problems will be solved. That’s a promise!

B ch/K rp r La d ha t
(KON room)                                        
An installation by Jonathan Schmidt-Colinet

Das Geheimnis der Erlösung heißt Erinnerung (The Secret of Salvation Is Memory)
(Artist dressing room)
Some insight into research conducted and performed by Ulrike Monecke
Ulrike Monecke is currently working with memorial cultures and the consequences of forgetting. For this evening, she is searching for potential points of encounter in the fog and invites the audience to share in the first insights into the results of her process-based research.

Me, Myself and My Avatars
(Small stage)

A VR experience by PRESS [ST]ART (Lena Biresch, Tore Nobiling, Nico Parisius)
Thanks to the flexibility of the human brain, we are able to not only to identify ourselves with the body of an avatar in the first place in virtual realities, but also to adapt bodies that vary significantly from the human form. In this VR experience, this is made perceptible in the form of three special avatars: one with additional limbs, one that has multiple heads and one that can be used to control the entire environment. Trailer here.

My Inner Archive (work in progress)

A performance by Mathias Becker
In a performance somewhere in between a drag show and sound installation, Mathias Becker investigates queer family relationships. Using objects and materials, connections are made that constantly break apart and come together again anew.

Project development at Institut für Kunst im Kontext, Universität der Künste Berlin

Object Drag/Show 
A catwalk installation by Robin Leveroos


A claymation film by Tatjana Reeh
Roland’s feelings let him turn into a beautiful swan - or into a naked, scared person. Fear whips Roland into being a knight. But, in his castle made of aluminum foil, however, nothing remains as it is. And this time, he doesn’t want to lose his shape. Rigid ideas and fluid bodies come together and transform, are not redeemed, but instead, resolve themselves.

Vermisst (Fragment 1: Bäume) [Missing (Fragment 1: Trees]

A stop motion film by Naoko Tanaka
Trees tell the story of a world in which there are no more trees. The idea came while thinking about the process of the creation of carbon. Carbon is a part of all living things. It permeates the cycle between human and non-human entities. This is a narrative that makes it possible to reflect upon today’s conflict-laden relationship between human beings and nature.

Figure It Out – The Party

Yahima Piedra Córdova & Daniela del Pomar, Berlin
Free admission
Concert and Party

Following the performance of Fünf Exponate, we invite you to join us for a showcase party - with live music by Yahima Piedra Córdova and visuals by Daniela del Pomar.

The Salon for Artistic Research is part of Researching With Art? Professional Exchange and Community Meeting

Notes on accessibility: The audience compiles its own program on site in the evening. We can only give more detailed information about start times and registrations on the evening of the event. The program items will take place in different, smaller rooms of the Schaubude Berlin. The hall, the garage and the technical storage have ground level access. The Small Stage is only accessible by one step. The basement, the KON room and the artists' dressing room are only accessible via stairs. In the hall, the audience sits in groups on beer tent benches. The program points are partly seated, partly the audience moves independently through the rooms. The program points are partly interactive. Note on barrier-free access: You can find information on the structural accessibility of the venue here.


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