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StageJam #4

June 4 to 10, 2023

We are inviting artists and groups to take part in performative jam sessions in virtual space! Over the course of the fourth StageJam, you can spend an entire week exploring the theatrical potential of online tools and immerse yourself in the platform Gather Town. The central focus of this artistic research is the development of short theater and performance formats that take place within the virtual spaces of Gather Town.

The StageJam takes place online and decentrally. We will provide a Discord server for communication, exchange and collaboration. In addition, we will provide invitations to online networking formats during the week to let you get to know the work of the other artists and groups. A continuous documentation of and reflection about the process will be supported through daily questions.

At the end of the week, a stage test will take place as part of the showcase Figure It Out: on June 10, 2023 at 3:00 pm (CET), the formats that have been developed will be publicly presented and tested.

Participation in this event will be compensated in the amount of a fee of 750.00 € (gross) per person selected. A maximum of 10 places in the program are available.

Who can apply?

International individual artists and groups of a maximum of 4 persons who work professionally in the field of the performing arts or who are studying the performing arts. Prior experience is not required. The working language is English. The meetings and presentations will be scheduled according to Central European Time.

You can find information about the accessibility of Gather Town here.

How can you apply?

You can write your applications in German, English or French. Please send us your application and include:

- Your motivation for wanting to take part (max. 2,000 characters)
- A short description of yourself (max. 1,000 characters)
- Links to previous works and/or a portfolio

 by April 13, 2023, 6:00 pm to

If you have any requirements or needs that we should be informed of, please feel free to indicate this in the application.

The selection of the participating artists and groups from the applications submitted will be conducted by the project team, consisting of Neïtah Janzing, Almut Pape and Tim Sandweg. The selection will be announced by the end of April 2023.

Selection criteria

The selection will be conducted based upon the comprehensibility and suitability of the application submitted and will strive to achieve a heterogeneity in terms of the artistic background, perspectives, approaches and levels of experience of the artists.


Since 2021, Schaubude Berlin has developed the format of the StageJam and is thus extending its artistic research to digital space. StageJam #4 will take place in conjunction with Figure It Out. Showcase and Conference for Figure Theater.

Funded by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds

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