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Wiggle RoomS

The schedule of programming will be announced and advance ticket sales will begin on October 5, 2023.

The schedule of programming will be announced and advance ticket sales will begin on October 5, 2023.

Design: HawaiiF3

The German term “Spielraum”, or “Spielräume”, in its plural form, is one of those beautiful compound nouns that is almost impossible to translate directly into another language. Its two parts, literally translated as “play” and “room”, combine to form a new word with multifarious definitions; room to maneuver, financial leeway, the freedom to act and play or, colloquially, wiggle room. This metaphor of wiggle room ends up being used a lot when room to maneuver is taken away. After all, what wiggle room in all of its myriad possibilities has in common is its ability to expand our possibilities – that is precisely what makes wiggle room so attractive.

By using this image, we are clearly acknowledging that our actions are influenced by external factors. As there are often of a financial nature, it is not at all coincidental that the metaphor of “wiggle room” is being used in an almost inflationary way at the moment. There are, however, a large number of aspects that restrict or expand the space of possibilities – and, at times, they even do so simultaneously.

“Spielraum” can also mean a room or a space that is dedicated to play. It can be an invitation to explore freedom and creativity, or to test one’s fate or skills. This notion of a playroom goes far beyond a room where children play, athletic fields or casinos; the theater, too, is a space where reflection and analysis are conducted in the mode of play, or performance. Puppet and object theater in particular are said to offer a great deal of playfulness: thanks to their attempts to explore the world through play, beginning from a gut feeling.

In its 2023 edition, Theater der Dinge takes a look at where wiggle room is being provided and where it is being taken away at the moment. The festival presents productions, theater games and installations that trust in the playful and performative moment as an artistic motor. Artists from Belgium, Catalonia, Czechia, Finland, France, Switzerland, Taiwan and German have been invited. They create new worlds with dots and tape, think about what it is to be human with fleeting shadows and dancing robots, form communities around a board game, elucidate historic routes of refugees using glove puppets or open up unexpected conceptual spaces with pyrotechnics.

In this year as well, the artistic positions will be framed by a schedule of discursive programming, which will accompany the festival with many diverse thought-provoking impulses with discussions, presentations and workshops.


Complete information regarding the accessibility of the performance venues can be found here. Information regarding the accessibility of the individual events can be found in the information for the respective production.

Festival Blog

Essays, interviews, images and reflections about the festival will all be available on the festival blog.

Ugo Dehäs

Artistic direction
Tim Sandweg

Conception and Curation Discourse Program
Beate Absalon, Sebastian Köthe

Festival Dramaturgy
Yasmine Salimi

Project Management
Almut Wedekind

Press and Public Relations
Silke Haueiß, Lea Röwer

Secretariat, Ticketing
Réka Vitályos, Brix Lange

Technical Coordination
Jens Angermann, Werner Wallner

Technical Department Schaubude Berlin
Jens Angermann, Gilda Coustier, Paul Friedrich, Aabir Mandal, Frieder Miller, Bill Retzlaff, Werner Wallner

Venue Support
Agnes Luisa Ehlich, Chrissi Hilkens, Gilles Yann Smrkovsky

Team Theaterbar, Box Office and Admission
Cecilia De la Jara, Nora Lodtka, Erika Reifschneider, Ronja Rienecker, Magdalena von Sicard

A big thank you to the colleagues of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH and the teams of Theater Strahl and TATWERK!

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