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Theater der Dinge 2021


The world without us

Programme Overview (PDF)

Programme Overview (PDF)

With a rich programme hosted at several venues and online, the international "Theater der Dinge" festival is back!

Artists, scholars and contributors from Belgium, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Estonia, France, Catalonia, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, the USA and Germany will come together at several Berlin venues, and in the digital realm, to showcase their diverse works on the theme "The world without us".*

Against the context of the world’s collective experiences of a pandemic, the artistic viewpoints in this year's festival edition look at the end of the Anthropocene and develop ideas on how the role of man in the world can be repositioned. On the one hand, the focus is on ecological issues and the footprint that humans leave on the world, while on the other hand there is a focus on the experience of emptiness and a desire for new networking strategies.

The concept and programme for the festival are moulded by reactions to the pandemic. This year, the stage programme has been deliberately kept smaller, so there will be more intimate performances and installations, digital stagings and a film programme, as well as an extensive contextual programme that will largely take place online, all of which will invite visitors to engage with the work.

Depending on the situation regarding the pandemic at the time, the programme may need to be changed. Please make sure you find out about which protection and hygiene regulations are currently in force before attending the performance.


Detailed information on the accessibility of the venues can be found here. For information on the accessibility of the various individual events, please check the information on the respective productions.

As part of the festival, we will be offering audio descriptions for blind and visually impaired audiences for the following productions: “The animals of Farthing Wood” and the film “Coltan fever”.

Schaubude blog

Essays, interviews, images and reflections on the festival will be published on our blog

*This year's festival theme is inspired by "Die Welt ohne uns – Botanisches Langzeittheaterprojekt" by Aljoscha Begrich and Tobias Rausch, Schauspiel Hannover 2010-2014.


Artistic direction
Tim Sandweg

Concept and curation of the discussion programme
Beate Absalon, Sebastian Köthe

Project management
Katharina Nagel, Cornelia Winkler

Press and public relations
Silke Haueiß, Katharina Neumann

Office, ticketing
Elisabeth Schwarz

Audio description
Nicolai Audiodeskription

Technical coordination
Jens Angermann, Mario Arnold, Werner Wallner

Technical staff Schaubude Berlin
Paul Friedrich, Ernesto Hernandez, Neïtah Janzing, Anna Kändler, David Scholz, Robert Strop

Venue management
Franziska Burnay Pereira, Susann Tamoszus, Teresa Metzinger,
Brix Lange

Team theatre bar
Patty Mulloy
Fatmanur Şahin
Almut Schäfer-Kubelka
Enikő Mária Szász

With many thanks to the colleagues of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH and the teams at Schloss Biesdorf, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte - thbm, Theaterhaus Schöneweide - th² and Kino Krokodil.

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