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Theater der Dinge 2021

November 4—13, 2021

The World Without Us

Publication of the festival schedule and pre-sale start: October 18, 2021!

Publication of the festival schedule and pre-sale start: October 18, 2021!

With a rich programme hosted at several venues and online, the international "Theater der Dinge" festival is back!

Against the background of the world’s pandemic experience, the artistic positions adopted by this year's edition look at the end of the Anthropocene and develop ideas on how the role of man in the world can be re-positioned. On the one hand, the focus is on ecological issues and the footprint that humans leave on the world, while on the other hand there is a focus on the experience of emptiness and a desire for new strategies of networking.

The selected productions invite you to explore different facets of the theme “The world without us.” In the opening production "Still Life" by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, the naturalistic puppets oscillate between being a stuffed toy and being alive, all the while playing with our notions of naturalness.

The festival co-production “Understory” by Xesca Salvà and Marc Villanueva Mir searches alongside biologists for mushroom-like webs and transforms the theories of the scientist Anna Tsing, who is also giving a lecture at the festival, into an installation. “Insekten” (Insects), a co-production from the Youth National Theatre of Mannheim with the toit végétal company, and the adaptation of the novel “The Animals of Farthing Wood” by Artisanen, work with a young audience to look at how species becomes extinct, while visitors can also enjoy the VR installation “Pawāaraibu” and fly over the remains of the Hambach Forest as a singing drone.

Dealing with presence and absence, however, are Franz Schrör’s zoom performance of “Zimmer ohne Ausblick” (“Room without a View”) or “Chorografie mit Licht und Nebel” (“Choreography with Fog and Objects”) by Scheinzeitmenschen. The influence of the global exchange of goods also effects people and nature, as Yves Ndagano and Jan-Christoph Gockel vividly recount in their film “Coltan Fever,” which is based on the stories of child workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, or the work of Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere on researching the island nation of Nauru.

Theater der Dinge 2021 is responding to the context of the pandemic through its programme: For this reason, it is less extensive than usually; instead, we invite you to engage with intimate performances and installations, digital stagings and a film programme, as well as an extensive accompanying programme that will largely take place online.

The festival programme might be subject to ongoing changes according to the current situation.

Stage programme
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (Slovenia): Still Life (German premiere) // National Youth Theatre of Mannheim / cie. toit végétal (Germany): Insekten / Insects // Artisanen (Germany): The Animals of Farthing Wood // Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere / CAMPO (Belgium): Pleasant Island

Online presentations
meinhardt & krauss (Germany): ALICE – Lost and found // Liis Vares (Estonia): The Reader // Franz Schrörs (Germany): Zimmer ohne Aussicht // Room without a view

Intimate performances
Xesca Salvà & Marc Villanueva Mir (Catalonia) Understory (German premiere) // Ludomir Franczak (Poland): 6 (German Premiere) // Vendula Tomšů & Ian Mikyska (Czech Republic): 5 Books (German Premiere) // Larissa Jenne & Salomé Klein (Germany): 7 Metamorphoses // Esther Nicklas (Germany): Wir bluten ohne Wunde // We Bleed Without Being Wounded (Premiere) // Golden Delicious (France): The Kiss

edgarundallan (Germany): Down to Earth // Xavier Bobés (Catalonia): Corpus (Installation) (German Premiere) // VERAVOEGLIN (Germany): Earthbounds (Premiere) // Lex Rütten & Jana Kerima Solzer (Germany): Pawāaraibu // betweentwohands (Netherlands): Ecognosis (German Premiere) // Scheinzeitmenschen (Germany): Choreography for Licht und Nebel // Light and Fog // Krištof Kintera: Nothing but now

Film programme
Pangalaktisches Theater (Germany): Die Eigentumshöhle // The Property Cave // Yves Ndagano & Jan-Christoph Gockel (DR Congo/Germany): Coltan-Fieber // Coltan Fever // Puppet Theatre Anne-Kathrin Klatt (Germany) Confettiman // Sebastian Ryser (Germany): The Mind of Lalo Cura // Çağlar Yiğitoğullari (Deutschland): Who's Talking

Context programme
Lectures by Anna Tsing and Ursula Heise // Poetry Workshop with Tim Holland // HfS Ernst Busch/Masterstudiengang Spiel & Objekt and Schaubude Berlin: StageJam #2 // An Evening on Sustainability in Puppet Theatre with Theater Salz+Pfeffer Nuremberg // Theory Café // Festival Panel // Festival Blog

Schaubude Berlin // Schloss Biesdorf // Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte // Theaterhaus Berlin Schöneweide // Kino Krokodil // Online

Main sponsor: Senate Department for Culture and Europe

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