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In the evening program we are looking forward to and vacuuming on saturdays by Josephine Hock.

In the children's program we will be showing A Quarter To Night by florschütz & döhnert for children aged 3 and up from April 10 - premiere is on April 13.

Advance ticket sales for our May, June and July performances have begun.
Reservations are only possible for groups, tickets can be purchased through RESERVIX.

We look forward to your visit!

Window exhibition by Jonathan Schmidt-Colinet and Cali Kobel A thread weaves through the roof of a house - outlines crumble, the asphalt melts away. You become part of my landscape. Where are you standing? What do you see? If the perspectives are …
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Here is a PDF download of the statement by the children's and youth theatres addressed to Berlin's politicians, of which we are signatories. It describes what is needed so that the city's children's and youth theatres can continue to operate in …
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