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Let's Play: MusicTheatre

  • Sarah Fartuun Heinze, Deutschland
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • in German
  • For free

A music-theatre-game-performance

A music-theatre-game-performance

A game whose rules we invent together as we play. A story that we tell as we experience it. The most important thing is that everyone is doing well: everything else comes from that. We make it as nice as we can and play as long as we feel like it. And if you like, then play along: musical theater, for example.

Sarah Fartuun Heinze works in the fields of theater, games, music and empowerment and sees herself, among other things, as a theater game designer. To close Theater der Dinge 2022, Sarah Fartuun Heinze invites the audience to interact on the Small Stage of Schaubude Berlin.

Notes on accessibility: Information on the structural accessibility of the venue can be found here. The Small Stage can only be accessed via a step. The audience influences the storyline of the play. They can move freely through the space and a variety of seating is available.


7.11. Mon

From and with
Sarah Fartuun Heinze


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