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Parcours: Corpus 1/6 + Earthbounds + Pawāaraibu – filling the vacuum

  • Xavier Bobés, Catalonia + VERAVOEGELIN, Germany + Jana Kerima Stolzer / Lex Rütten, Germany
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Adult €16,50 | discounted €11,50
  • Parcours with three installations for one person

Corpus, Xavier Bobés
Corpus, Xavier Bobés
Pawaaraibu, stolzer+ruette
Pawaaraibu, Foto: stolzer+ruette

Corpus 1/6 Xavier Bobés, Catalonia

Corpus 1/6
Xavier Bobés, Catalonia

Installation • with little language, in German, English

Welcome to an intimate moment in time! Five minutes involving a sculpture, a Shakespearean sonnet and Baroque cello music. This is a poetic reflection on the relationship between humans, animals and plants. A sensual fugue in which the invisible, albeit only fleetingly, manifests itself.

Xavier Bobés has been a regular at “Theater der Dinge" for many years, and with this installation of the same name, he shrinks his stage sixfold, scaling down his production so that it becomes an intensive experience for just one visitor at a time.

Photography or video recordings are not permitted in the installation.


Interactive installation • without language

How do we get in contact with our (surrounding) world? How is it possible to communicate with it? “Earthbounds” is a speculative performance that uses sensors to expand the experience of being a human in space. In a prototypical world, participants get the chance to get in touch with their (surrounding) world simply by being present in the world, as well as experiencing themselves as being a part of the critical zone.

You can also take an audio description tour and visit “Earthbounds” from your own home. The sound file (in German) can be found here.

Pawāaraibu – filling the vacuum
Jana Kerima Stolzer + Lex Rütten, Germany

Musical installation and Virtual Reality • in English

“Pawāaraibu” tells the story of a drone with artificial intelligence that lives as one of the last beings on a post-human earth. From her machine-like perspective and using her own language, she describes an environment that has been irreversibly moulded by human intervention and brutally destroyed by the exploitation of resources.

Artists Jana Kerima Stolzer and Lex Rütten will perform this ongoing work as a two-part installation at “Theater der Dinge”. The first part is a video installation, whereas the second part will see visitors don VR glasses to enter the drone's head themselves.

Notes on accessibility:
Information about the structural accessibility of the venue can be found here. The audience will visit each of the installations separately. It is mandatory to wear a medical mask throughout the entire event. The parcour installations are sited in three different rooms, all of which are connected by staircases. No seating is provided.

In the “Corpus 1/6” installation, visitors are alone in the room while it gradually gets darker and darker. English spoken and German written language is used.

For the “Earthbounds” installation, visitors are again alone in the room. They are fitted with sensors and the floor is uneven underfoot. You can also take an audio description tour and visit “Earthbounds” from your own home.

The “Pawāaraibu” installation is in two sections; it includes written and spoken English language. The first part involves small monitors showing videos. The videos are fluid and without stroboscopic effects or flickering. The second part is a virtual reality installation. To take part, visitors receive VR glasses and headphones; the volume can be adjusted on these. Some people may experience discomfort when using VR glasses. It is possible to end the experience at any time. There are distorted voices.


5.11. Fri

  • Timeslots: 15:30 / 15:50 / 16:10 / 16:30 / 16:50 / 17:10 / 17:30 / 18:30 / 18:50 / 19:10 / 19:30 / 19:50 / 20:10 / 20:30

6.11. Sat

  • Timeslots: 15:30 / 15:50 / 16:10 / 16:30 / 16:50 / 17:10 / 17:30 / 18:30 / 18:50 / 19:10 / 19:30 / 19:50 / 20:10 / 20:30

7.11. Sun

  • Timeslots: 15:30 / 15:50 / 16:10 / 16:30 / 16:50 / 17:10 / 17:30 / 18:30 / 18:50 / 19:10 / 19:30 / 19:50 / 20:10 / 20:30

Corpus 1/6

Conzept: Xavier Bobés
Music: Frances Bartlett
Objects: Sebas Reig Brau
Light: Werner Wallner
Auftragsarbeit für Theater der Dinge 2020
Supported by: Institut Ramon Llull


By: VERAVOEGELIN (Anna Vera Kelle, Leoni Voegelin)
Supported by: MA Spiel und Objekt of HfS "Ernst Busch"

Pawāaraibu – filling the vacuum

By: Lex Rütten, Jana Kerima Stolzer
Sponsored by: Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
Supported by: PACT Zollverein, Akademie für Theater und Digitalität Dortmund


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