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12 h Open Space

Long Night of Berlin's Free Puppet and Figure Theatres



In the 2019/2020 season, “12 h Open Space” unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic-related temporary closure of our theatre. Currently, new formats are planned.

At the end of each season, we opened all of our rooms for a long night of diversity in puppet, figure and object theatre in Berlin: 12 hours of productions, scenic experiments, puppet comedy, video art, installations and walk acts.

The rules of the game

The call for applications always took place at the beginning of the year. Anyone with works of a maximum length of 45 minutes, in which puppets, figures, objects or animation forms of new media are used, could register. There is no curation. The winner of the audience award of “12 h Open Space” from the previous year randomly selected participants from among all the applications received during the registration period.


The winners of the audience awards (one for the children and one for the evening programme) each received two performance dates in the next Schaubude theatre season as well as free tickets for all performances of the following international festival “Theater der Dinge.“

Von Mädchen und Strümpfen, 2019, Foto: Mate Victor
Unfolding Universe, Foto: Annika Ley
12 h Open Space 2019, Josefine, Foto: André Helbig
Die Drachen des Meeres, 2019, Foto: Gabriela Castro

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