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Fanny and Alexander

  • Schaubude Berlin
  • Duration 120 minutes
  • in German
  • Adult €16,50 | discounted €11,50
  • Shadow and paper theatre, live audio piece, media art

Alesssandro Maggioni
Alessandro Maggioni

By Ingmar Bergman, translated by Renate Bleibtreu.

By Ingmar Bergman, translated by Renate Bleibtreu.

Fanny and Alexander grow up in the lively world of a theatre family - until their father dies and their mother marries a bishop. In the ascetic churchyard, generations, truths and lifestyles quickly collide and a bitter battle breaks out between children and stepfather.

This year's Schaubude Berlin production goes back to the beginnings of moving pictures and interprets Ingmar Bergman's opulent film classic as a stage-surrounding Laterna Magica. Three technicians of the imagination tell the story of two children in search of their place in the adult world at a magic video table with shadow and paper theatre. An image-rich live radio play about truth and lies, reality and fiction, flanked by ghosts, puppets and divine apparitions.


15.10. Fri

16.10. Sat

17.10. Sun

A production of Schaubude Berlin.

Iduna Hegen, Karoline Hoffmann, Pierre Schäfer

Nis Søgaard

Decor / objects and video
Alessandro Maggioni

Jeanne Louët

Yvi Philipp

Stage version & dramaturgy
Tim Sandweg

Light design
Werner Wallner

Direction assistent
Christoph Scharf

Decor assistent
Neïtah Janzing

Legal note
Ingmar Bergman Foundation
Die Übertragung des Aufführungsrechtes erfolgt in Übereinkunft mit JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD. Bühnenvertrieb: MUSIK UND BÜHNE Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Wiesbaden.

Renate Bleibtreu, Hamburg


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