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Grand Hotel Grimm

  • Theater Zitadelle
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • in German
  • Individual ticket €5,00 | Solidarity ticket €10,00
  • Not a live stream, not a recording, no film. Something in between .

Edgar Hill
Daniel Wagner

The Berlin town musicians, part 5

The Berlin town musicians, part 5

Mrs Cow, Mr Wolf, Mrs Cat and Mr Sparrow have opened a hotel to give their retirement a meaning: The Grand Hotel Grimm. However, the spirits of the elderly gentlemen are kept on their toes by unforeseen events. Illustrious creatures from the Grimm fairy tale world check in and an event of touching life confessions and beastly fun unfolds.

"Because of the pandemic, we couldn't show the production in front of a live audience. But we didn't want to make a recording either and have now tried to mix a puppet theatre production with the medium of film, so to speak, to play with the medium of film and not always just with puppets :) It is an interesting experience and we are far from finished with it, but who knows how many films we still have to make."

We will welcome you in our virtual foyer on Zoom before the performance and invite you to an audience discussion with the artists after the stream. To participate, you must download the Zoom software and agree to its privacy policy.

You will receive the access link on the day the performance takes place.


26.3. Fri


Direction theatre production
Pierre Schäfer

Direction film production
Daniel Wagner, Regina Wagner

Regina Wagner, Daniel Wagner

Stage and set design
Ralf Wagner

Mechtild Nienaber, Ralf Wagner

Ira Hausmann

Textile design
Evelyne Höpfner

Direction assistant
Lea Lechler

Edgar Hill

Edgar Hill, Daniel Wagner

Franz Geist 


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