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Coltan fever

  • peaches&rooster, Deutschland/DR Kongo
  • Duration 70 minutes
  • Englisch in Lingala, Swahili, Maschi, German and French with German subtitles (November 12th) and English subtitles (November 13th)
  • Adult €0,00 | discounted €0,00
  • Global theatre film, with artist talk on 12 November

Jack Mahamba Muhindo
Jack Mahamba Muhindo
Jack Mahamba Muhindo
Jack Mahamba Muhindo

Attention: This event takes place under the 2G rule. Access only with a digitally signed proof (QR code) of a complete vaccination against Corona or of recovery! More information here .

Attention: This event takes place under the 2G rule. Access only with a digitally signed proof (QR code) of a complete vaccination against Corona or of recovery! More information here.

“Coltan Fever: Connecting People” follows the story of the Congolese artist Yves Ndagano, who was a former child soldier and miner in a coltan mine in eastern DR Congo. His vision is to use art to change the reality of life in his homeland for the better. In “Coltan Fever: Connecting People”, Ndagano goes back to his childhood haunts for the first time and uses a wooden puppet to tell his story in the original settings: at his school, at the site of his abduction and in the coltan mines around Goma and Bukavu. He looks to confront his own story, rewriting and furthering it.

But his story does not end here. While borders remained closed for lots of people in numerous places during lockdowns, puppets mimicked the global flow of goods, and were themselves transported as a ‘commodity’, once again ending up in the hands of children. Under mostly exploitative conditions, they keep the global flow of goods flowing. In “Coltan Fever: Connecting People” they tell their stories.

In the play it says, "Le voyage continue": "Coltan fever" continues to be written. Currently, the documentary film on the project is in post-production. It is scheduled for completion in January 2022.

Following the screening on 12 November there will be an artist talk moderated by Sebastian Köthe.

For blind and visually impaired visitors we offer a German-language audio description through the GRETA app. More information coming soon.

Notes on accessibility: Information about the structural accessibility of the venue can be found here. The film looks at experiences of violence and child labour. Participation in the artist talk is voluntary.


12.11. Fri

  • The 2G rule applies at this event.

    with German subtitles

    Artist talk after the show

13.11. Sat

A film by Yves Ndagano and Jan-Christoph Gockerl

With: Yves Ndagano, Ernestine M’Kajabika, Léontine M’Kajabika, Lena Slachmuijlder, Esperence, Ghislain Chimanuka, Julio, Juvenal Muderwa, Ladisi Kajabika Mukabaha, Michael Pietsch, Gianni La Rocca, Patrick Joseph, Laurenz Leky
Speaker: Patrick Joseph, Leoni Schulz, Edmund Telgenkämper
Direction: Jan-Christoph Gockel, TD Jack Mahamba Muhindo
Camera: TD Jack Mahamba Muhindo, Eike Zuleeg
Sound: Tavis Jean-Batiste
Montage and dramaturgy: Christoph Otto
Puppet building: Michael Pietsch
Music: Matthias Grübel
Light and camera assistance: Shabani Abdalah
Editing assistance: Kim Lêa Sakkal
Sound mixing: Thomas Ostermann
Colour corrections: Eike Zuleeg

International teams:
Bangladesh: Tanvir Nahid Khan, Asaduzzaman Farid, Hossain Jibon, Probaho, Asif, Nahian Azad Shashi, Jidni, Ishtiaq
Bangladesch: Anonnya Banik & Mohamad Rasel
Belgium: Gianni La Rocca, Marynka Seron, Clelia Robaye, Riccardo Mazzetto
Berlin: Chao Liu, Oscar Linders, Veronika Vorobiova
China: HUA Dong
Ghana: Bernard Akoi-Jackson & Elolo Bosoka
Colombia: Tiago Seither Afonso
Lesbos: Atifa Akbari, Yaser Akbari, Refocus Media Lab
Niger: Maman Iro Abdoul Aziz, Abdoulaye Abdoul Rachid, Mohamed Abdoulaye, Fatoumata Koyta, Gonga Son
Ruanda: Yves Kijyana Peter, Nyatanyi Gael, Irakunda Liliane, Justin, Uwajambo Prince Oleg

Set assistance DR Kongo: Muhindo Nathalie
Set assistance Deutschland: Claudia Kaunzner

Using the documentary film "COLTAN-FIEBER" by Christian Hennecke.

Based on the theatre project „COLTAN-FIEBER“ by Jan-Christoph Gockel & Ensemble, < Co-production of Theater im Bauturm – Freies Schauspiel Köln with Theater FALINGA and Festival Récréâtrales, Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso, Tarmac des Auteurs, Kinshasa/DR Kongo and Goethe-Institut Kigali/Rwanda. With Patrick Joseph, Gianni La Rocca, Laurenz Leky/Michael Pietsch, Yves Ndagano, Direction: Jan-Christoph Gockel, Puppetry building: Michael Pietsch, Dramaturgy: Kerstin Ortmeier, Artistic collaboration: Patrick Joseph

Jan-Christoph Gockel/peaches&rooster
Producer: Kathrin K. Liess
Head of Production DR Kongo: TD Jack Mahamba Muhindo

Co-production with
africologneFESTIVAL, R.O.D.Fi. Goma, Theater im Bauturm Köln, Schauspielhaus Graz

Moderation artist talk
Sebastian Köthe


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