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Theater der Dinge 2022


Unsettling Remains



In this year's edition on the theme of "Unsettling Remains", the international festival Theater der Dinge focuses on the underlying feeling of insecurity and explores in things and bodies the traces of a world that is safer for some than for others.

“Theater der Dinge 2022” presents 14 productions, showings and projects that negotiate insecure conditions - on a personal or social level - or that aim to unsettle the status quo and derive demands or utopian designs from it. Aesthetically, the audience can expect a wide range - from playing with puppets, objects and everyday materials to augmented reality, traces of history and installative forms.

The network meeting "BREAKDOWN - (Post)Digital Communities of the Independent Scene" and a discourse programme with workshops, lectures and discussion formats complete the programme.

Venues: Schaubude Berlin, Theater Strahl, TATWERK, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Refugio Berlin, Theaterhaus Mitte.
Programme from the beginning of October 2022 at
Advance booking start: 5.10.2022

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