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Theater der Dinge 2022


Spuren der Verunsicherung/
Unsettling Remains

Timetable (PDF)

Timetable (PDF)

The topics of safety and unsafety, security and insecurity have repeatedly taken centre stage in media and society over the last two and a half years. The coronavirus pandemic has eroded situations that were supposedly stable, nobody knows exactly what will happen to the planet, while a war of aggression is underway in the centre of Europe. All of this is hugely unsettling. However, all this talk of “new insecurity” conceals the question of who has actually been “safe” to this point. Wasn’t safety and security a privilege that wasn’t open to many people?

In its 2022 edition, Theater der Dinge questions the underlying feelings of our time, exploring how objects and bodies can manifest traces of a world that is not equally safe for everybody. After two years of inhabiting digital and intimate spaces, the festival is returning to the theatre stage: 14 international productions and shows tackle the notion of unsafe conditions on a personal and social level or try to unsettle the status quo through the use of puppets, objects and everyday materials, augmented reality, traces of history and forms of installations. The “BREAKDOWN - (Post)Digital Communities of the Independent Scene” network meeting and a discursive programme including workshops, lectures and discussion formats round off the programme.


Detailed information on the accessibility of the venues can be found here. For information on the accessibility of the various individual events, please check the information on the respective productions.

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