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Route description from Tram direction Zingster Str. / Falkenberg

Route from the tram stop S-Bahnhof Greifswalder Straße (M4) direction of travel Zingster Straße / Falkenberg to Schaubude Berlin.

At the guidance system to the end of the platform in the direction of travel. Turn 180 degrees. Continue about 20 metres to the attention field. The staircase ends in a connecting corridor. A few steps further. Walk left. About 15 metres further. The stairway ends in the covered entrance area of the S-Bahn station building. Walk left. A few metres further to the wall. Walk left. A few metres further.

Along to the right. On the left Greifswalder Straße. About 40 metres further to the plus junction Greifswalder Straße / Storkower Straße. 180-degree turn. A few steps further. Wall on the left. A few metres further on is Schaubude Berlin.

The entrance is shifted inwards. Glass doors. Horizontal metal handles. Cash desk a few steps further.

The interdisciplinary artists' collective Un.thai.tled experimented with shadow theater, performance, and augmented reality during their residency titled "Defrosting Thai Culture" to develop new perspectives on the making of Thai cultural heritage. …
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Now available as an inspiration for other production houses in transition: the documentation (in German) of our one-year joint project with Spiel und Objekt on digitally supported dramaturgies and new delocal forms of collaboration!
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Our blog provides background information on productions in our programme, on the annual international festival Theater der Dinge , on artistic research processes and discourses in the world of figure and object theatre.
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Kristina Feix und Grit Wendicke : sicher verunsichert September 2022 till January 2023 Vernissage: 9.9.2022, 19 Uhr What do we need? Questions, but answers too. That unsettle. Take your time and discover the scope in the niches of the information …
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Here is a PDF download of the statement by the children's and youth theatres addressed to Berlin's politicians, of which we are signatories. It describes what is needed so that the city's children's and youth theatres can continue to operate in …
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