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New Communities

A joint project with the MA programme Play and Object at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, February–December 2021.

In the project "New Communities" we are jointly exploring spaces of possibility for digitally supported dramaturgies as well as new delocal and interactive forms of collaboration. The core of the project is the processual and playful development of best practices for community building that address the concrete needs of production houses. We especially focus on fostering networking between staff, artists and the audience. In this way, we want to foster the opening-up of artistic processes and make them more visible.

In the first six months of the project, the Schaubude team tested a variety of digital tools and integrated some of them into existing work structures. In the next step, we invite groups of artists to try out these tools performatively in "StageJams."

StageJam #1 with systemrhizoma, Anna Kpok, Fabian Raith and Matias Brunacci took place from 13 to 17 September; StageJam #2 with student artists takes place during our festival Theater der Dinge, and StageJam #3 follows 29 Nov-4 Dec.

At the end of the project, it is planned to produce instructions and tutorials.

Insights into the first explorative phase of the project:

Work in progress: draft of the Schaubude lobby on Gather Town, screenshot.
Group picture of the avatars of the Schaubude team with lecturers from the Game and Object course in the online game Minecraft, screenshot.
Being delocally creative together: in the game "Material Adventures", which takes place simultaneously in analogue and digital form.

New digital normal in the second lockdown: live stream from the show booth "Frau Holle out of control".
Sharing immediacy: Excerpt from Zoom chat after a live stream, reposted in Discord to the team, screenshot.
Engaging with each other: experiments with team building in the online game Gartic Phone, screenshot.
Project start: Notes on the many initial expectations of the team.
Communicating emotions through cultural memes: Screenshot of a gif reaction in the project's Discord channel #technicalhelp.

"New Communities" is funded as part of the programme "Digital Development in the Cultural Sector" of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

  • Contact person
    Tim Sandweg
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