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In addition to the stage programme, Schaubude Berlin curates exhibitions in the foyer and in the display windows of the theatre. The artistic and topical themes change two to four times a year and spice up the surrounding urban space in their own way. An open invitation to experience art – for our audience, for all passers-by, and for the neighbourhood.

HEART, Foto: Dana Ersing
Weak Transmission, Eröffnung am 3. November 2020, Foto: Tim Spooner
Lautaro Bianchi: Walk Among in den Schaufenstern der Schaubude, Herbst 2019
Stillrebell!ion by Larissa Jenne, Salomé Klein and Alexander Hector, winter 2017

Li Kemme, Stuttgart
January-July, 2021

Hearts are organic reaction spaces surrounded by hollow muscle. Permeably rooted monuments within us. They embrace and are embraced. For hearts are the experience of repeatedly rebelling and letting go. HEART is an installation with a 25-fold enlargement of a heart made of 14 kilos of truck tarpaulin, which periodically rises and falls, permanently/not permanently, pumping and absorbing, being-in-the-world, inviting us to look and pause.

Li Kemme is a freelance artist in the field of puppet theatre and also in performance, construction and music.

Tim Spooner, Great Britain
Opening in the frame of Theater der Dinge 2020: Artificial Bodies (November 3-10, 2020)

A species of fragile bodies lives out its existence. These animals gesture, try, fail and change. 

By: Tim Spooner
Animations: Matthew Robins
Co-production with: Westflügel Leipzig

A video of and an audio comment on the exhibition can be found at

A Space-Time Installation of Chaotic Algorithms

Gonzalo Barahona, Chile/Berlin

March—October 2020

The exhibition shows a sequence of hand-made 3D models that simulate time and movement. Six flies draw an imaginary timeline in the room: the impression of a single fly that moves from one window to the next and even makes a quantum leap through the wall. Mind the gap! Only the spatial distance between the sculptures gives the impression of movement and time.

Making-of video

Inspired by 3D models, the artist used his own nervous system to translate the polygon-based geometry of digital objects into arbitrary shapes. The six flies in the sequence consist of 3D filaments and voids forming a complex network consisting of lines and nodes (the most efficient number of lines per node is 3-4)*. The way they spread and connect individually cannot be controlled since the material itself decides depending on the temperature, hand movement, and weight. Despite the local differences in structure, the resulting main forms resemble the same fly with the same anatomical, morphological properties. The flies are actually more empty space than solid material. Paradoxically, the gaps are a more essential »construction material« than the material itself.

The process of creating the sculptures is based on the principle of emergent phenomena - complex, self-organized geometries that can be found everywhere in nature, from slime mould to the structure of dark matter in the universe: an unplanned network without a centre, without a hierarchy and without an author.

* hese lines and nodes follow the same simple rules, which are spreading and joining together again, and the nodes should not gather more than 4 lines at the same point.

Lautaro Bianchi, Argentina
September 2019—January 2020

Lautaro Bianchi's pictures show tunnels. Introspective states. Distorted outlines that move on the water and end up in a frame that resembles an eyeball with flickering irises. A reflection as a "space-time input".

"I photographically capture this fantasy image, this fear of transcendence or the difficult."

Interview with Lautaro Bianchi and a review of WALK AMONG at our Schaubude blog

Larissa Jenne, Salomé Klein, Alexander Hector
October—December, 2017

The exhibition displayed photographies, videos and objects related to the Schaubude reasearch residency 2017 »das REBELL_boy«.

Blog of the residency team, and teaser:

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